Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's Go to the Zoo!

Sadly, our very good friends (and neighbors) are moving to Chicago soon, so we felt that it was our duty to take them to the zoo before they moved.  The weather was great, so it made for an awesome day at the zoo.  

Avery and Shay Shay checking out the elephants:

Anna decided the best animal viewing spot was on Daddy's shoulders:

 Photo op for Avery & Baby Archer:

And of course no zoo trip is complete without a carousel ride:

 I think it was the highlight for Dave:

... or maybe Becky - she was pretty excited too:

 This was our first time to feed the giraffes - I had no idea that's what a giraffe's tongue looked like!

Anna needed a little push to get close enough.  The poor giraffe was choking himself on the fence trying to get the lettuce from Anna.  

Always love an excuse to hit the zoo, but we will miss you Lewandowskis!

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